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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit Really Free Samples, the premier site for freebies, free sample offers and other free stuff collected continuously and offered up for you, the consumer, in an easy to use format. After years of participating in free sample offers both online and off, it quickly became clear to us that one of the few things that could kill off the excitement to be had through a freebie offer is requiring a lot of time or energy to find those offers.

That, of course, did not sit well with us and was born as a way to organize the best free product samples from across the web in one easy-to-use and simple format that would allow as many people as possible to get in on these freebies. As part of that vow to maintain simplicity, we update the site constantly and even utilize a more immediate RSS feed to stay on top of all the special offers available.

We at sincerely hope that through your use of this site, you see just how exciting and fun online freebies can be, especially when they are all collected in one place. Part of our mission has also included being comprehensive. This means we include offers on the site that might contain and shipping charges or other conditions, not just offers that are totally and absolutely without cost. Be sure to read the terms of any offer. Freedom, choice and a diverse array of products make up the backbone of Enjoy your time on the site and happy hunting on the best zero cost promotions on the web.

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